A guide to 'white hat' link building for SEO


SEO Backlinks

A backlink to your site is created when another site links to you. A backlink is treated by Google as an endorsement of one website by another. If a trusted website like BBC News or Wikipedia endorses your website then Google will take note and trust that your website is worth knowing about.


The number of links to your website will build gradually, as a function of how often you publish content and how effectively you promote it.


Put more effort into promoting big and interesting pieces of content. If you promote everything the same then your best notes will be hidden in the typical noises you make.


SEO Copywriting

It can be worth talking to the webmaster or editor of a site which covers similar topics to you. Collaborate on a community resource, write a piece of niche content for them or let them write on your behalf.


If you credit each other with a link then Google can see that the two sites are endorsing each other appropriately which can lead to an increase in your online reputation.


You want to keep in mind that SEO copywriting for others should be done with the aim to increase web traffic rather than solely reputation. Knowing this, don’t purchase links from unrelated websites or send out spammy ‘please link to my website’ requests.


SEO Strategy

There is a moral obligation to provide content that is valuable, honest, accurate and helpful, don’t try to cheat the system, or mislead people into using your site.



SEO Tactics

Source: http://pointblankseo.com/link-building-strategies


Alumni Directories

Most universities dedicate a part of their site to their alumni, and some link back out to their alumni’s websites.


Likewise - Alumni Spotlight

Ask your clients for a list of the universities/schools they attended and pitch their stories to those universities.


Ask friends and family with websites for a link back to you



Asking clients to write you a review

Then promote that review to get some traffic going back to their website as well as yours.


Associations and Organisations

If you are a part of any, find out if they link to their members, if they do - ask for one.


Embeddable Badges

Giving out “top local restaurant” badges which can be embedded on the website of the winning site, which also include a link back to the awards page on your site.


Blog Commenting

Comment on someone’s blog post with an interesting point and a link back to your site (if they allow do follow links). Do this occasionally.


Blog Directories

You can submit your blog to various blog categories.


Blog Networking

Create a web of 4-8 similar but non-competing blogs. Make sure everyone links out to each different blog in the network once a month.


Brand Mentions*

If you brand gets mentioned, ask for a link. You can use something like “Mention” to find these as they happen. You could also use Link Prospector for finding previous mentions at scale.


Replacing broken links with links to you*

Asking a webmaster to replace a broken link with a link to you.


Answer Questions

On Twitter, Quora, Forums and anywhere else people hang out. The questions you answer can be stored and rehashed as an FAQ Page in the future


Get links from the British Chambers of Commerce


They represent businesses, see if you can write something they’ll publish. Take the time to find the right person to get in touch with and ask for a link.


Publish a theme

For a site you built from scratch for example, you could publish the theme and start seeing others using it as the basis of their site.



Community Newspapers

Online newspapers run by everyone give you the opportunity to link back to your site in a bio.


Local Newspapers

Send press releases to them - on a slow news day they might just run a story by a local business!


Company Directory Submissions

Submit you site to relevant general directories.


Evergreen Guides and Resources

Create a timeless and complete guides on a subject. If it’s not timeless then set up a regular update schedule.


Contact people using your images

Using Google image search you can find other websites using your websites or infographics. Ask them to link back or tell them it’s copyright infringement.



If you come across a contest taking place - reach out to the person running it and ask if you could offer some services or products to the winner. They’ll give you a link on the contest page.



If most in your industry have a particular view on a topic, write up the opposing view. Do it quickly and well and you could get a hot debate going.

When you do this you should consider turning comments off, and encourage people to write a response on their blog in order to continue the conversation.


Crowdsourced Posts*

Identify people in the industry who do a lot of theses posts and build a relationship with them.


Wikipedia Contributions*

Cite your own content on relevant wikipedia pages. You can get a link under the references tab which is highly trustworthy, nofollow or not.


Cover News First

Subscribe to the reputable blog RSS feeds in your industry. When hot news breaks - write it up.


Create and share content regularly


Create “Links of the week” pages

Add a link from your site to the best articles you read in your niche last week. Explain why so that bloggers know you actually read it.


Create a contest

i.e. “Worst experiences of X” then you sell the remedy for X.



Some sites will give links to contributors. Search the text “link to your website” then narrow the results down based on relevancy.


Crowdsourcing Experts

Get answers from experts in an industry, if the article is high quality then the experts themselves will promote it.


CSS/HTML5 Directories

If you did a great design, submit the site to a directory to get a link from it.


Curated Scores and Rankings

Create scores or ranks of people



release the data and release a visual of the data too.


Debunking Myths

Similar to ContraContent

Let people know about common misconceptions. Make the content big and bold.


Offer Embeddable or Linkable Discount Coupons


Donate to charities

They often have a donor page and you can get a link back if you donate a certain amount.



Draw the emotions people feel doing certain things in your niche.


Ebook Directories

Write an ebook, put it in there.


Educational Content

Contact sixth form colleges, secondary schools and universities and ask their webmaster if there is anything you could write an entire tutorial on.



Featuring top bloggers in certain niches - if you feature them then they’re likely to spread the word.


Email Signatures

Add a link back to your website in your email signature. It could be really small, but it will drive a little more traffic to your site.


Filling Content Gaps or Fixing Grammer

If you find an article which could be elaborated on or updated - reach out to the webmaster and ask if you could fill that gap. Of course - ask for a link somewhere relevant too.


Being part of a Forum

Find niche forums related to your site, promote yourself but also give away your knowledge generously. You’ll soon get links back which generates a sizeable reputation depending on the quality of the forum.


Embeddable Games

You get links to your site of course, but if other webmaster can embed it you’ll get juice through that.


Do Interviews

Interview people and jump at any opportunities to be interviewed by someone else. Your time will usually be worth it.


Write a regular column for a blog or paper


Your own or your company Wikipedia page

If you aren’t important enough to write about then this won’t pass their spam checks. Someone else should write it too in order to keep it unbiased. If you can pull it off - do it!


Content Copyright infringement

If someone uses your copy and doesn’t credit you as their source then you can ask them to link to you or take it down.


If you have a server - host their site in return for a link

The sites you can do this for depends on the quality of your servers!


Create an Industry Niche Glossary

Rookies don’t know jargon - create a list of acronyms and keywords that they may not understand. Keep it updated and offer updates to others you find as well.


Map Industry Events

Then share the Google map of “45 meet ups in battersea” for example.


Host Your Own or Other’s Events

If you have a space unused for certain times of the week, allow an event you support to be hosted there.


Create DIY Guidance, Tutorials and How-to’s

Apart from just being incredible helpful, writing such guides help you to understand the subject on an even higher level. In order to explain something simply you need to understand it fully.


Funny stuff

Create a mashup of industry experts saying stupid things or generally try to make people in your niche laugh!


Create Icons

If you create and share a niche group of icons you can get design blogs linking back to you.


Be generous with your links

Link others as you’d like to be linked yourself! Mention people and their websites often and when they notice they’ll might link back and thank you!


Lists lists lists

Good niche lists get good links


Create a mobile App

Create a simple app that acts as an RSS reader of your or others blogs.


Build a community site

If you aren’t happy with the niche community sites available to you, create one.


Get Other Newsletters to Link to you

Build relationships with those writing and publishing semi-popular newsletters.


Non-Digital Promotion

Links on business cards, vehicles or anywhere else to generally raise awareness in public spaces.


“Our Retailers” lists

If you recommend or supply products from certain manufacturers then you can ask to be listed on that manufacturer’s website as a retailer of their products.



If your niche is passionate about a certain issue, petition.


Submit Your Podcast to Podcast Directories


Make it Printable

Create cheat sheets, infographics, charts and checklists which can be printed off by people. They may just tell others how useful it was to them.


Compare the incomparable

If two things are so similar that they’re hard to compare - write that comparison as other people are likely having the same issue as you!


Give Your Service or Products to Bloggers

Then ask them for a review!


Link Back From Your Online Profiles

If you sign up to a site which allows you to have a profile then you can likely link back to your site. Contribute more and your profile becomes linked to more often and that link back becomes more valuable.


Quiz Questions and Tests

Allow people to share and compete their test results with one another!


Get Links to Your Social Pages Replaced With Links to Your Site

Then make sure that the page they can link to pulls in your twitter or facebook etc.


Download Competitor Backlink Profiles

Download them as a CSV and work through them. You can’t steal a link from a news article but you can approach blogs and directories and others for a link to you too. At the very least this should be done in order to give yourself some ideas!


Publish Research Papers for your Niche

This establishes yourself as a well researched authority on the subjects you write about.


Offer a Scholarship Competition

Have them write 1000 words about something they’re passionate about and have some of the voting done socially.


Set up Others With a Website

If it’s easy to you and tricky for others, just do it and ask for a link back.


Speak at University Events


Sponsor Things

Contests, Wordpress Plugins, Drupal Themes, Charities, Events, Clubs and Animal Shelters to name a few. 


Write good stories

The more personal the better.


Web Apps or Web Tools

Create calculators or clever widgets or tools which others will find useful.


Writing Testimonials of Products You’ve Bought


Scrape URLS of Your Twitter Followers and Link to Them!

If they follow you then they are more likely to link back to you!


Black hat SEO

One strategy is to find abandoned domains that have link equity, then use archive.org to repopulate the content on some of the pages that got the most links. Obviously, include a few links in the content back to you.

I recommend using Domain Hunter Plus and Godaddy auctions for finding them in the first place.