Digital Marketing Checklist Guide for Small Businesses (pdf)

Digital Marketing Checklist Guide for Small Businesses (pdf)


Digital marketing can be difficult for business owners. Not only is it difficult to find the time and expertise to keep your business marketing relevant, there are the technological challenges of understanding it. 

Not knowing who to target your marketing to, not being able to keep up with trends and technology and already feeling like you're overwhelmed? It might be time for you to download and print off my comprehensive Digital Marketing checklist.

Looking consistent across the web

How to do this

Focusing your marketing in the best place for you

How to figure this out

Turning your marketing into leads (and chasing them!)

How to streamline this process

Measuring and learning from your results

Why this is important

How the recent changes in digital affect your business

and how you can take advantage of them.

How you can outsource all (or part) of the work involved in Digital Marketing

So you can spend as much time providing your product / service as possible. 

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