Be mindful of the facts when absorbing opinions

We live in an age where the majority of people read opinionated articles as their primary source of new information. The articles are often challenging, shocking and upsetting in order to get us to discuss them, where we read them, and encourage both us and the people we share with to read the same things as us.

It's a business. So their incentive is to convince you that you need to stay 'in the loop' despite the fact that so much of the good news isn't reported.

HEADLINE: FAA confirms that 18,000 planes carrying 3 million people globally landed safely in past 24 hours.

HEADLINE: 1 billion people on Earth are in poverty according to WHO, compared to 2 billion 30 years ago.

Not likely to make the headlines.

So when you hear headlines about terrorism, crime and deaths remember that that isn't the whole picture and that we have a lot to be happy about.

In the late Hans Rosling's words to a newscaster on this subject "You choose to show only my shoe, which is ugly, but that is only a small part of me. If you choose to show my face then that is another part of me. News outlets only care about a small part, but you call it the world"

If you haven't seen any of the insightful videos by Hans Rosling please go and look for them. The world needs more people to communicate important world development data in brilliant ways.

It's party due to his tireless efforts that I decided to begin writing about academic sources, healthy food, future technology, the latest scientific discoveries, tech news and science journals.