What I love about photography

I got my D3100 6 years ago now and I have made good use of it throughout that time. Although it takes up a good chunk of bag space I did bring it with me in my bicycle pannier bag from London to Athens and whilst cycling in Iceland.

Despite the fact that a waterproof SLR bag with a body and 2 lenses takes up valuable practical clothing space in the bag - I know that there will be a beautiful moment of passing scenery when I'll regret not having brought it with me. Those are the moments that a phone can't capture quite so well.

Phone cameras vs slr cameras

With the incredible cameras in iPhone's (best for Zoom), Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (best all-round), and Google's Pixel phone (best for HDR) it is surprising to some that the amatuer photography market still regard SLRs so highly.

For me - taking a photo with an SLR is a conscious effort to best capture a moment, not to just 'point and shoot' but to consider the sensor sensitivity, aperture and shutter speed. Just being aware of how those 3 interact can change how you take photos forever.

Then there's the fact that SLRs can capture photos in a RAW - uncompressed format. This gives you the ability to chisel away at that RAW format to give you a photo you can edit deeply. Not meaning to lie to the viewer but to bring out the best aspects of a photo to recreate the feeling of that moment you captured. 

By hanging a much loved memory in the form of artwork on your wall you grant yourself the pastime of reliving it by either reflecting on it or by explaining it to a curious guest. Images storytell for you in a way that words simply can't. They enable you to share what you saw in something and how it made you feel.

I hope you can find a feeling or moment in common with my photos that you would like to keep for yourself or to share with someone else.

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