On the subject of inventors and their inventions

My grandfather was an inventor, a bloody good one too as I can see the consequences of his inventions in the products we use every single day. When I was old enough to listen (and probably long before then) he told me that I could do whatever I wanted to do.

At university I had a go at starting a business and we ran out of cash before we made a dime of revenue. Ever since that failure I have paid particular interest to agile, minimum-viable-product and other start-up jargony trends which say that you should prototype and market research at minimal cost to yourself, all before committing big cash to a new venture.

New ideas drive economic growth by raising the productivity of workers. I am more fundamental about 'how to create a new business from scratch' and although I still jot down every idea I have in a notepad I am less likely to think "this is the next billion dollar idea the world needs!".

It's also just a wonderful subject filled with unbelievable stories of accident and discovery coupled with insurmountable hurdles. The stories of innovation are the stories which shape the modern world.

Technology is a byword for computation and automation nowadays but basic-tools, selective breeding and soil irrigation are all valid technologies and process innovations which were done by someone first.

I also don't want to concentrate on the rockstar inventors of today, as there are many unsung heroes who deserve just as much praise.

So this area of my site will be dedicated to entrepreneurs of all types from black, young or female to your favourite famous entrepreneurs and inventors.