TramLondon agree not to advertise as a “real time” tram times app

TramLondon agree not to advertise as a “real time” tram times app

TramLondon have agreed not to advertise as a “real time” Tram timetable app, following a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority, informally resolved on September 12th 2018.

Are you able to send me a link to any of the Twitter posts or Google Play reviews where the company states they don’t update their times in “real-time”?

Tweets from TramLondon Ltd admitting their times are not “real time” and

Reviews of TramLondon on the Google Play store here

1. Literally useless. No correlation with actual tram arrival times whatsoever. There is genuinely no point in downloading this app.

2. It's not reliable. Better off with Citymapper. Too many adverts and you could be standing by a tram stop and it still don't give you times. Shame because it would be a good.

3. Nice looking app but arrival times not even close to being accurate - and not the same as live displays at stops (have tested on a number of stops over some weeks). Looks like data given from TfL is not accurate as it is also wrong on TfL website.

4. Awfully subpar. Doesn't update itself in real time and is far from accurate. Was this app even tested before deployment? If it was, then those QA testers shouldn't be in a job. Take this app down and rework it please. I do not like leaving bad reviews like this. Please give me a reason to change my

5. Absolute rubbish. Doesn't show live times at all. Uninstalled straight away. Don't bother

6. Not fit for purpose. Inaccurate times, can't refresh the page, have to go back to list and reselect stop.

7. Times of trams don't match what station indicators say. Favourites list doesn’t work. Still a poor app

8. Absolutely rubbish, it's not live it's off a timetable which is not kept to, better off using Google maps at least arrivals and departures are live and mean something. Must do better trams London

9. For an app whose main purpose is to advise when trams are, I can't give anything more than 1 star! It's not even close! The crazy thing is that the data does exits (on the platforms) - why can't this app link to the same database?

10. Hopeless. Tried and deleted this app before and it's no better now than it was a few months ago. Informed that tram will arrive in 5 mins, tram arrives 1 min later. Hopelessly inaccurate.

Review of TramLondon on iTunes / App Store

1. As others say, the display boards at the stations have completely different times to what the app says, so no use. Also would be useful if it included times for end of line stations such as Wimbledon based on departing trams, not just intended arriving ones! A completely useless app in need of significant improvement.

2. The times displayed on the app does not match to the times on the display boards at the tram stops. Therefore this app failed the only thing/task that it is designed to do which is to provide real-time info on tram departures. Needs a new CEO perhaps??

3. How can the bus app be more accurate than this one. Even though buses are subject to change of routes and traffic jams. Things that rarely affect a tram, as it has a set route. It would have been five stars if it told the correct tram time, and show when a tram was delayed and for how long the delay would last.

Further to my email of 22 August, we have now received a response from TramLondon Ltd.  They have agreed to amend their advertising to ensure they don’t state or imply that the app is updated in “real time”. We consider that this will resolve the complaint without referring the matter to the ASA Council, and will consequently be closing our file.

In a formal investigation, if the ASA Council decides that an ad is in breach of the Code, the advertisers are told to withdraw or amend it.  Because TramLondon Ltd have already assured us that the advertising you complained about will be amended, we consider there is little to be gained from continuing with a formal investigation, which would achieve that same outcome.

You can see TramLondon Ltd mentioned on the ASA’s website on this page for informally resolved issues.

I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping for an actual real-time tram app. Here’s hoping this pushes relevant parties towards that goal.

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